MKTF Girls All Coaches Team

Athlete of the Year
Rebekah Story, Christian Academy

Jasmine Jefferson, Webb
Kristen Blevins, West
Patience Sakeuh, West
Jensen Overbay, Sevier County
Timaya Ray, Hardin Valley

Hannah Burkhart, West
Niamh Schumacher, King’s Academy
Callie Tucker, Catholic
Niki Narayani, Webb
Lindsay Stallworth, West

Brittany Bishop, Anderson County
Lizzie Davis, Hardin Valley
Rebekah Hampton, Hardin Valley
Symphony Buxton, Hardin Valley
Caroline Lewis, West

MKTF All Coaches Team

Athlete of the Year
Josh Sobota, Bearden

Elijah Howard, Webb
Jazine Pelcher Austin-East
Adan Vazquez, Hardin Valley
Will Wright, Hardin Valley
Kashief Warren, Austin-East

Jacob Sobota, Bearden
Shawn Stacy, Bearden
Jaylen Foster, L&N STEM
Landon Harrell, Heritage
Ton’Quez Ball, South-Doyle

Kenton Bachman, Harden Valley
Spencer Flint, Farragut
Georde Goodwin, Catholic
Carter Coughlin, Webb
Tim Thacker, Grace

New Coaching Education Project

Our area is home to many new coaches in both cross country and track and field. In an effort to promote the highest quality coaching for our local athletes, a number of experienced coaches are offering their knowledge and experience. Here are some of the topics we plan to cover over the next six months:

XC Training

Nutrition and Mental Preparation

Meet Management (XC and Track)

Travel Planning

Setting Up Your XC Season

Long Jump/Triple Jump


Multis Training


Treating Common Track and XC Injuries

Strength Training

Sprint Training

Relays Coaching

High Jump

Running a Concession Stand

Check it out.