MKXC 2020 Meet Guidelines

All MKXC teams and spectators are expected to follow the guidelines at all meets.

  1. Teams are expected to set up in the assigned areas. Only team members should be in the team area for extended periods.
  2. EVERYONE will be subjected to temperature checks.
    1. Each team must designate an official temperature checker. That individual will be in their team area. All people (coaches, athletes, spectators, school officials,etc) associated with that team should report to the team area for a temperature check.
    2. Anyone with a 100.4 temperature or higher will be asked to leave.
    3. After checking a person’s temperature the temperature checker should mark their hand with an ‘X’ in sharpie.
    4. After the temperature check, all non-coaches or athletes need to leave the team area.
  3. ALL spectators, coaches, school officials, etc must wear a mask at all times.
  4. Athletes will wear a mask when not warming up, racing, or cooling down.
  5. It is encouraged to limit spectators. Please just bring immediate family.
  6. Spectators are not to be near the start or finish line. It is expected that spectators find a place on the course and socially distance from others.
  7. In the finish area, spectators will be expected to be in the assigned spectator area if there is one for that meet.
  8. Spectators and athletes are expected to leave the venue as quickly as possible.
  9. All tee shirt sales will be online. More on this information later.
  10. There will be no awards this year to eliminate crowding at an awards ceremony.

Specific to city parks:

  1. Meets will consist of 5 races with no more than 50 participants in each running on a 30 minutes schedule. 
  2. All participants will be masked except when competing.
  3. All spectators will be masked during the duration of the event.
  4. All spectators will maintain a distance of at least 12 feet from competitors especially in the start and finish areas.

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